Cashmere Care Guide

A little TLC is all that is needed to care for your &Isla cashmere.
Hand Washing
Our cashmere can be hand-washed or dry-cleaned, we prefer gentle hand-washing following these simple steps:
  1. Turn your sweater inside-out.
  2. Using a mild wool / cashmere hand-wash detergent and lukewarm water, wash by squeezing the suds through the knit.  Never wring, stretch or rub.
  3. Rinse using more lukewarm water, and then remove the excess by gently squeezing it out.
  4. Transfer your knit carefully to your washing machine and spin dry.
  5. Never tumble dry.
  6. Reshape whilst damp.
  7. Lay your knit on a towel and dry flat and supported away from direct heat or sunlight.
  8. Use a cool iron to steam out creases.

You may notice your cashmere garment forming small balls, called pills, on it's surface. Remember, this sweater was made form the super-soft hair of a goat, and just like us, this hair needs to be groomed. Pills can be easily removed by hand or by using a knitwear comb to keep your garment luxurious and soft.

Make sure your favourite knits can be worn year after year by cleaning them before you pack them away. Moths are attracted to sweaters that have been worn, so store them clean, folded in a sealed plastic container or bag with lavender and cedar balls.

You can also freeze moths out of your knitwear. Wrap the cashmere in tissue paper and pop it inside a plastic bag. Freeze overnight and then allow to defrost slowly. You can then store your cashmere safely in the knowledge it’s safe over summer.
And that’s it, simple steps to ensure your knits are clean and safe. Happy cashmere wearing, washing and storing.